Text Box: Understanding Value-based Time Management 
Defining Your Values by Examining Your Roles
Values- Clarification– 
(The Prerequisite to Value-Based Goal Setting)
What do you really want?
What is a value?
Understanding the 10 Vital Life Areas that Bring Value to Life
(Mind, Body, Soul, Work, Family, Hobbies, Service, Capital, Home, and Relationships)
Mission Statement (Stating what you value)
What standards do you live by? (Religious, family, friends, society)
A mission statement is short, clear, and succinct.  (It speaks to your purpose and answers the questions, Why am I here and Where am I going?)
Vision Statement (Goal Statement Summary) A Vision Statement reflects your goals and should be in both written and visual form.  It answers (What, How, and When)
Setting, Organizing and Storing Your Goals
What exactly is a goal?
Text Box: LEG (Life Enhancing Goals) Storage System
Immediate, near future, distant future, life-time goals
Managing Goals
Prioritizing Requests
Handling Requests- Do, Discard, Delay, Delegate
Managing Big Goals
Time Management Skills for Achieving Your Goals
When should I schedule a specific task?
Scheduling Your Goals 
(Moving from Thought to Action)
Managing Energy 
(The Fuel for Reaching Your Goals)
Realizing Your Goals (Ready, Get Set, Go)
Assessing and Reevaluating Your Goals
Tally-UP System for Value-based Goal Management
T– THOUGHT (Value-Based Goal Setting requires Thought.)
A– AIM and AFFIRM —(Value-based Goal Setting requires mental and physical focus.)
L– Value-based Goals reflect what you LOVE.
L– LESSONS– What to do when you run into a problems?
Y– YIELD- (Producing value-based results)
UP– UNIQUE PURPOSE– (Value-based goals help you realize your uniqueness.)

12 Steps to Value-Based Time Management

My TalleYUP Value-based Time Management System includes Values Clarification, Goal Setting, and Energy and Time Management strategies. 

Value-Based Time Management Outline

This system focuses on ten critical life areas which form the foundation for defining your values.  The values associated with each must be clarified if you wish to live a happy, balanced, and fulfilled life.  Once you define your values, you must protect them. 

An effective balanced- driven and value-based time-management system must always thoughtfully consider each life area, because each will require your time and energy.  These demands will obviously impact your ability to reach your goals.  Employees who are able to live according to their values are happier, take off from work less often, and are more productive.  It’s a win-win for everyone. 


Life Balancing is essential to optimal life functioning because serious imbalances can occur if any life area is neglected or overdone to excess.  It is possible to work or play too much.  Your vision is a blue-print to your life’s mission or calling, so having a vision and clarifying your values must precede all goal setting. 

A life lived on purpose, is a life sacrificed for the values you say you believe in.  Life enhancing values don’t leave you feeling drained and used up. Try to think about each life area as a channel that can drain just as easily as it can restore your energy.  The key to making a value self restoring is based on whether heart, faith, and integrity are present.