website of Barbara S. Talley, Speaker, Author, Poet, and Publisher.  Offers keynotes and workshops on value-based living.

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The Official Website of Barbara S. Talley, Speaker, Poet, Author, Publisher.  Signature Programs, Superwoman Doesn't Live Here Anymore, On Track, On Fire, and On Purpose, and Strategies for Survival in Non Nurturing Environments.
Official Website of Barbara S. Talley (The Poet Speaks).  Barbara is Speaker, Author, Poet, and Publisher offering keynotes, workshops, and books on vision, values, and virtues, value-based time management, diversity, motivation, administrative professional programs, and leadership.

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SuperWoman Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Are you burning the candle on both ends?  No, Superwoman NO!

Barbara S. Talley, a Maryland- DC Metro Area based Speaker who speaks on the themes of vision, values, and virtues.

Are you burning the candle on both ends?  No, Superwoman NO!

Twelve Tips for Superwomen

1. Define or be defined!- Decide what you will and will not do!

2. Remember that ‘No’ is a good answer too.   Every ‘Yes’ to someone else may be a ‘No” to one of your own dreams.

3. When the most important is before you, you must learn to let go of the important.

4. Mark off  time for yourself in your calendar and make it sacred time.  Do it in ink!

5. Get enough sleep and replenish your energy.  Try to go to bed the same time each night.

6. Exercise.  It gives you energy and helps you to look and feel better.

7. If you are a mother, remember your job is to prepare your children for the real world.  That means teaching them to be responsible humans by doing things for themselves and you.

8. G+E+T what you want by managing your goals, energy, and time.  Your dreams matter too.  You are responsible for realizing your true purpose. 

9. Dig inside; find your own jewels and know that you can and will make them come true.  Happiness is the thermometer to let you know if you are “on track.”

10. Toxic people, negative thoughts, and  a dreary outlook drain your energy.  Remember, we are what we think.  So focus your thoughts on what you want and not on what you fear, worry about, or hate.

11. Don’t wait until the last minute.  Plan ahead even if you need to impose inflated due dates.

12. Develop an inner circle of trusted friends that you can call upon for support, who will not judge you, but who will be honest with you.

Are you burning the candle on both ends?  No, Superwoman NO!