Text Box: Text Box: presented to many thousands of people and has been working with adult and youth audiences for over 25 years.  She offers keynotes and workshops on how to live a more purposeful, balanced, and harmonious life through clarity of one’s personal vision and value-system.  
Barbara is also the creator of 
TALLeYUP™, a value-based time management system, CrossWorlds ™ an interactive Diversity game that teaches appreciation and understanding of different cultural styles of communication, and the In Search of Radiance Virtues Education Project created to inspire concerned villagers to take an active role in collectively raising responsible youth and 
Text Box: That’s the title of one of her most sought after speeches that started it all.  For years she’d talk about technology, diversity, leadership, or  motivation and inevitably someone in the audience would ask, “Barbara, how do you do it?  How do you balance work and family, raise six children, run your own business, and appear so healthy, happy and balanced?”  The answer turned into much more than a response, it became a signature poem, a workshop, a book, and a rewarding life changing mission.
Barbara Talley is a Professional Speaker, Author, Publisher and Poet who speaks on the themes of Empowerment, Vision, Values, and Virtues. She has

SuperWoman Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Text Box: It’s Your Time to Shine!
Text Box: Barbara S. Talley,  ThePoetSpeaks
Workshop Leader, Poet, Author, 
Keynote Speaker, Facilitator     
 (301-428-4831 Barbara@ThePoetSpeaks.com
Text Box: that they have just evaporated.  You've even almost given up on the idea of living your special “calling.”  You've convinced yourself to wait until after you retire, or after the children grow up, or after…  Meanwhile, your dreams, youth, energy, and passion for work wane.  All of your life, the timing has been all wrong.  When will the timing be right for you?  You're smart, you're savvy; some even say you are a Superwoman.  You seem to get so much done for other people, but you can never seem to find just the right time for you. 


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¬Signature Presentation

Barbara S. Talley (The Poet Speaks)


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Barbara has found tools to make life work through the art of value-based life management strategies. She has captured these strategies in her books, SuperWoman Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, On Track, On Fire, and On Purpose, TALLeyUp:The Excitement of Value-based Living, and its Companion Workbook, which contains over 100 reinforcement exercises.  Your goals should make your life a work of art instead of just teaching you how to master the art of work.    Call today to secure Barbara for your next event.  Your audience will love your for it!

children.  As a wife and mother of six children, ranging in age from eleven to thirty-eight, she is committed to positive change.   Her Motivational, Diversity, and Time Management programs have inspired many.  Now, it’s your time to be inspired!

What dream do you have on hold?  Is it writing a book, losing a few pounds, volunteering, getting a degree, getting that dream job, taking a trip, or starting your own business?  Some of your dreams have been on the back burner so long

Barbara S. Talley, a Maryland- DC Metro Area based Speaker who speaks on the themes of vision, values, and virtues.