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TalleyUP: The Excitement of Value-based Living Book Cover by Barbara S Talley (The Poet Speaks)The TalleyUp System Workbook Cover- Companion Guide to the Excitement of Value-based Living book by Barbara S. Talley (The Poet Speaks)
TALLeYup:  The System
The Excitement of Value-based Living

The 12 Virtuous Habits

Habit #1—Time Out and Tune In

Habit #2 —Tally Up (Accountability)

Habit #3—Thankfulness

Habit #4—Transform Your Character

Habit #5—Think and Create

Habit #6—Align Your Vision and Values, Aim, and Affirm

Habit #7— Act and Attract

Habit #8—Look for the Lessons in Adversity

Habit #9 — Live Life As a Labor of Love

Habit #10—Energize (Importance of Managing Your Energy)

Habit #11— Yield Good Fruit

Habit #12—Understand Your Purpose (Search for Meaning)


This book, keynote, or workshop by Barbara S. Talley (The PoetSPEAKS) teaches the TALLeYUP system, an inspired system of twelve virtuous habits to help re-awaken the dream in you, recharge from within, and realize your dreams. 

One of the reasons we experience so much stress and anxiety in our lives is because we have not defined or prioritized our values. 

Lasting success, balance, and harmony result only when living according to a value-based system.  This time management and self management system covers goal setting, time management, problem solving, managing stress, clarifying values, overcoming procrastination, prioritizing goals, balancing work and family life, setting boundaries, improving relationships, managing your energy and more… 

Barbara S. Talley, a Maryland- DC Metro Area based Speaker who speaks on the themes of vision, values, and virtues.