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Menu Options, About Barbara Talley, Speech and Workshop Topics, See and Hear Barbara Talley, Speaking Services, Accolades, Products, Links, and Purchase ProductsText Box: Slow down Superwoman.  This book, keynote, or workshop will help you learn how to take back control, manage multiple priorities, and say no.
SuperWoman Doesnít Live Here Anymore

Youíll learn to:

1. Become your best self by creating a life of happiness and contentment

2.†† Control your time

3. Manage chaos and overwhelm by setting realistic expectations

4. Develop support networks

5. Value yourself

6. Handle guilt

7. Balance work and family

8. Handle competing priorities through values clarification

9. Become more assertive by learning to say no

10. Learn how to manage your energy


Weíre stressing out at an all time high. Why? Because weíre trying to be everything to everybody. Itís possible to have it all, but only through effective planning, supportive networks, and the ability to say no and set clear boundaries.†

You may be able to do ANYTHING, but you still canít do EVERYTHING (at least, not at the same time!)† For, itís easy to get into the rat race but itís much harder to get out without the proper tools.†† This nurturing workshop will help you enhance your productivity and become a healthier, less stressed, more fulfilled and happier employee and person.†

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