Text Box: Value-based Time Management can help you to manage your values.  Lasting success, balance, and harmony result only when living according to a value-based system.  One of the reasons we experience so much stress and anxiety in our lives is because we have not prioritized our values.   
Many have not even defined their own values, but instead have left it for others to do.  Additionally we spend so much time on lower priority goals that we do not have the time left that is required to pursue our higher priority activities.   

Text Box: The TallyeYUP Value-based Time System will help you to bring more meaning and fulfillment into your life by teaching you to set goals based on what you value most rather than demands from others.

Text Box: A key tool to managing time in this system is the Energy Request (ER) Form which replaces your To-Do list. The ER form also contains all the tasks you have been requested to do.  

But, unlike a To-Do list that implies you must or should do everything on the list, the ER form trains the mind to make choices.   
You can decide to do the request, or you can decide to delay, delegate, or discard it.  

Text Box: Barbara S. Talley
Text Box: Experience Balance, Peace, and Harmony NOW!
Barbara S. Talley, a Maryland- DC Metro Area based Speaker who speaks on the themes of vision, values, and virtues.  Value-based Time Management, Goals, stressText Box: Time Management Tips
1. Define key life areas. 
2. Define top key values.
3. Set your goals.
4. Reflect on the potential benefit or harm for not realizing specific goals.
5. Manage competing requests from others.
Protect your goals.
Have a Monthly Plan. 
Have a Weekly Plan with protected Value Zones.
Have a Daily plan (Do most important first.)
Reflect on progress.
Text Box: Barbara’s Most Sought-After Programs
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The Polished Admin Professional

· “Best workshop I’ve ever attended.”

· “Provided thought provoking questions and statements about my life and current happiness.”

· “Very exciting, full of energy, knowledgeable.”

· “She kept my attention span the whole time.”

· “You could tell she speaks from the heart.”

· “Dynamic motivator.”

Text Box: “Wonderful!  Very positive person and a wonderful teacher.  I feel I can use her tools to help myself grow.”
“Made me think, made me more responsible for myself and my happiness.”
“Motivational speaker; I learned a lot about myself (powerful.)”
“Barbara gave excellent tips for personal and professional growth.”
Text Box: “Very inspiring, “How does she do it?”

“Barbara was a great speaker.  She was informative, interactive, and fun.”
“Could not have been better.”
“I know I’ll get more of the right stuff done now.”
Text Box: “Her style is unique and she speaks with authority.  The audience was literally spellbound as Ms. Talley recited her own dramatic poetry as part of the presentation.”
Women in Government Relations-DC
Text Box: Speaker, Author, Poet, & Working Mother of Six
Text Box: What did participants in a recent workshop have to say about her?

The TalleYUP Value-Based Time and Goal Management System

Text Box: Energy Request Form Replaces To-Do