Text Box: If you’re lucky, you get to do for pay in life the work you’d be willing to do for free.  That’s how it was for Barbara Talley.  Her community  volunteer and service work evolved into a career.  She has been serving her community for over 25 years trying to help bring about unity.  For Barbara, this work is more than a job; it’s  a passion and her life’s commitment.  

In 1990 she co-founded and chaired a local volunteer Race Unity Institute that offered free workshops on healing racism and promoting unity of gender, religion and race.  She held this position for eight years.  
During this period she was also the coordinator of a youth artistic group that used music, dance, drama, and the spoken word to promote peace and unity.
Text Box: Fifteen years into her volunteer community work, Barbara began professionally offering diversity workshops and motivational presentations on diversity topics to the business community.
In 1994 she provided training as a consultant through Montgomery College to such organizations as GAO, NIH, and the Navy.   

In 1995, she was selected by the Department of Commerce as one of the companies to offer diversity training to the entire Department of Commerce for grades 13-15 and SES personnel.  She provided diversity training over a period of several years to NIST, BEA, NTIS, NOAA, and the International Trade Administration, among others.  
Text Box: She also trained the finance department for the State of Delaware, receiving rave reviews from both the participants and the administration.   The Department of Transportation, the United States Postal Service, and the Department of Agriculture are other organizations that have experienced Barbara’s programs.  

In response to some challenges at the Department of Commerce (from managers not wanting to take diversity training), she developed her CrossWorlds ™  Diversity exercise.  This program has been offered across the United States to business, government, and social organizations and has been greatly received.

Who are Some of Her Clients?

Text Box: Organizations that have benefited from Barbara’s training include: 
U.S. Marine Corps
The Girl Scouts
Johns Hopkins University
Clemson University
U.S. Postal Service
Society for Human Resource Managers (SHRM)
Natl. Assoc.  of Professional Text Box: Saleswomen
Montgomery College
U. S.  Dept of Agriculture
Natl. Institutes of Health
Department of Commerce
USDA Grad School
US Dept. of Agriculture
International Personnel Management Assoc.
US Naval Dental School
MC Public Schools Text Box: Systems 
Delmarva Rural Ministries
National Assoc.  of Human Rights Workers
Montgomery County Government
Booz Allen Hamilton
State of Delaware



Women’s Groups

Corporations/ Business



Spousal /Retreat

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Barbara’s Most Sought-After Programs

· CrossWorlds– Non-verbal Cultural Communications

· TALLYup: Value-Based Time Management

· SuperWoman Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

· Living on Purpose: The Excitement of Value– Based Living

· Strategies for Survival in Non-nurturing Environments

· The Polished Professional

· Balancing Work and Family

Barbara S. Talley, a Maryland- DC Metro Area based Speaker who speaks on the themes of vision, values, and virtues.

Workshop Leader, Keynoter Speaker, Author, Poet, Publisher, and Facilitator

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