Text Box: Leadership Skills
For Support Staff and Supervisors 
Many leadership courses tend to focus on organizational skills, teamwork,  and setting goals.  And while these are important, Vision, Empathy, Consistency, Integrity, Clarity, Motivation, Energy, Commitment, and the Value of the Work Ethic are equally crucial to being an effective leader. 
Also critical to increased and sustained personal productivity are the degree to which fairness exists in the workplace, how a person feels about him or herself, their role in the organization, and the rewards/ punishments associated with such accomplishments.  
This course will discuss these organizational barriers along with suggestions on how to overcome these barriers while building positive forces which encourage the adoption of effective leadership practices. This program focuses on the roles of leaders in transforming the organization.  In this context everyone is a potential leader.
As a result of this course participants will have developed an awareness of leadership strengths, weaknesses, preferences and behavior, as well as understand how the omission of these characteristics can hinder effectiveness.  They will be able to identify opportunities to expand individual roles within work groups as well as how to apply problem analysis techniques.
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Text Box: productivity, significantly.  Several recent studies cite that what motivates employees the most is Appreciation.  An important prerequisite to increasing productivity then is to find ways to show your employees that they are appreciated. 
Vision/ Clarity/Goals/:  One of the most important leadership qualities is vision and the ability to communicate it to others.   Procrastination, stress, inefficiency, and miscommunication stem from the lack of vision, goals and clarity. Many employees are not as productive as they could be because they do not understand what they are supposed to being doing, how they are supposed to do it, and the consequences and rewards to the individual and the organization for doing or not doing it.  It is said that where there is no vision the people perish. 
Organizational Skills-  There are still a limited number of things one can do in a given span of time.  How organized are you?  Can you find information you need quickly and effortlessly.  Are you interrupted frequently when trying to complete an important