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My Personal Network

No one achieves great success alone.  I have had help from many people along the way.  This page is dedicated to acknowledging those who have helped me and to promote others.  I believe that the way we show real appreciation for our blessings is to return the favor, and not only to those who helped us, but to those who cross our paths that need it. The names of my personal angels are listed below.

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Terri Tabor

Anjoo Choda

Bertha Mae Stancil

Barbara Whitley

Fredda Payne

Celeste Wiggins

Sheila Chambers

Tracy Dupree-Davis, Esq

Renee Woody

Pena Greco-Scott

Lex Musta

Jan Tunney

Michelle and Michelle McKnight

Doris Dunkley

Marlene Stein

Elexis Lawson

Arlene Polk

Peggy Morris

Judith Clark

Karla Wynn-Diouf

Sharon Parker

Lisa Glines

Maxine Oliver

Prencella Hall

Peggy Morris

Melvin Murphy

Steve Lang

Crystal Baker

Wanda Pemberton

Cynthia Lacey

Rona Peters

Melissa Jenkins

Delia Johnson

Lillian Bradley

Maribel Torres

Cynthia Taylor

Barbara offers value-based time management, goal setting, special emphasis programs, diversity, leadership, motivation, women’s issues, and personal empowerment programs.