Text Box: CrossWorlds ™  is an interactive Diversity game that teaches appreciation and understanding of different cultural styles of communication through experiential role-plays and reflection.  Crossworlds™  uses non-verbal communication to teach team-building, diversity, and communications skills.  
In order to communicate more effectively we must understand what messages we are sending as well as how we are interpreting  others or being interpreted by them.  Understanding non-verbals is as essential to building diverse teams as it is for resolving, diminishing, or avoiding potential conflict situations.  
Studies show that 93% of what we convey is communicated in other than the words we choose.   Language, articulation, spatial distance, posture, clothing, eye contact (or lack of it), rate/volume of speech, as well as voice quality and length of pauses determine what message is received.  
What Exactly is CrossWorlds ™ 
Crossworlds™ uses a fun, interactive, game-like, and non-confrontational style to help participants understand the non-verbal implications of communication as it relates to team building, leadership and diversity.  After experiencing being judged or misjudged many participants willingly choose to commit to change or withhold quick judgments in the future. 
The objective is to have participants realize what messages they are sending out through non-verbal cues.  They begin to understand how value judgments that are attributed to these non-verbals are not Text Box: always valid when interpreted in a cultural context.
How Does It Work?
Participants break up into four groups and are asked to complete a puzzle.  Each group has a set of non-verbal behaviors that they are asked to emulate as they complete this simulated work task.  The non-verbals relate to behaviors that are often misjudged or misunderstood by others who have different or contrasting styles of behavior that are individually or culturally derived.
The premise is that we all have work-related tasks to accomplish with the added pressure of trying to understand how diversity impacts our interactions.  Each group must complete the same puzzle however each group has only a sub-set of the actual clues and must of a necessity interact with the other groups in order to complete the puzzle.
In the post processing discussion, participants relate how they felt, how they were treated, and how difficult it was to perform under each role-play simulation.  They begin to learn that even behaviors that need to be changed are sometimes difficult to change in that some even find it too difficult to act for the short span of time required to complete the exercise.  They begin to see that their  perceptions of differences are based on many subjective factors other than skills.  They experience a particular behavior, attitude, or attribute and then judge Text Box: that person based on their own values, culture, and beliefs about what is appropriate.  CrossWorlds teaches that our culture, ideology, and values influence how we perceive and value (or in some cases devalue) others. Participants love learning in this fun and non-confrontational way.

CrossworldsNon Verbal Communications Workshop

Text Box: Participant Comments
Text Box: Goals and Objectives 
of Crossworlds™
Understand the role of non-verbal communication in creating or influencing perceptions, biases, and relationships
Understand how culture, programs, and structures can inadvertently advantage some while disadvantaging others
Understand how our personal style affects our ability to attract or alienate others.  (Consider the impact in servicing, hiring, promotions and mentoring)
Gain sensitivity into existing problems that inaccurate perceptions may cause 
Discuss the fears, concerns, and expectations surrounding perception from the perspective of various cultural groups 
Provide feedback to management on the perceptions and needs of the diverse populations represented in the organization.

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