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What Do
Clients Say
About Barbara?

“Barbara served as the keynote speaker during our bi-annual Career Development Day event, on November 13, 2008.  She also facilitated two workshops.  Ms. Talley not only did an outstanding job, she exceeded our expectations and delivered more than what we expected.  Her presentations were motivational, inspiring, humorous and thorough.  ...Over 517 employees [Clerical staff, secretarial staff, management analysts, managers, team leaders, and  PhD level scientists/researchers] participated in our event and Barbara’s message resonated with all who attended her sessions.  ...As we moved through the planning stages of this event, Ms. Talley was an absolute joy to work with.   She was approachable, accessible, professional, knowledgeable, and genuinely interested in making sure her information and materials would be a good fit for the training goals…”

Wanda H Pemberton, EPA/RTP

“These represent the 17th and 18th time that we have secured you as a speaker since 1998. We will be asking you again and again in the future also. Our audiences love to hear you motivate and educate them during the morning keynote sessions. You receive some of the highest evaluations of all the speakers representing Clemson University.” 
Laurie Haughey, Clemson University

“Barbara, glancing through the well over 500 evaluations we received for your two workshops--“Timing Strategies for the Savvy Superwoman” and “SuperWoman Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”—the conferees rated you outstanding and felt both workshops were timely, well organized, well presented, had content they could use, and will help them to be more assertive and take charge of their lives.”  

Bobbie Bingham Morrow, Chair, Workshops Committee,
Blacks In Government Annual Conference– NYC

“It is a rare occurrence when you have the opportunity to interact with a total professional. Barbara has been a repeat speaker and workshop presenter that our customers recognize as special. This customer recognition results in she being name requested. 

I particularly enjoy Barbara’s clever and imaginative use of symbolism and language in the creation of her program, her poetry and publications. This creativity drives home teaching points and allows the session to flow. Barbara has the ability to motivate men and women, young and old, as well as a diverse set of participants.

John F. Peppard, Manager, Business Development
Graduate School, USDA

Barbara is exciting, energetic, and personable.  I had a great time in the workshop/retreat.  Relevant examples made all attendees feel good and appreciated for the women we are.”  I am excited about the confirming spirit that Barbara had.  Everything she shared was confirmation of my beliefs.  I am re-inspired and more committed to perform my duties.”

Trevor D Black, NANBPWCO President’s Retreat


“Everyone at yesterday's Booz Allen Hamilton 6th Annual GO Team Administrative Professional Offsite really enjoyed your presentation.  The Leadership Skills for Administrative Assistant was a huge success. Everyone walked away with an awareness of leadership strengths, weakness, preferences and behavior, as well as understanding of how the omission of these characteristics can hinder effectiveness.  In addition, your focus on “GET” (goals, energy, time), teamwork & relationships, organizational skills, attitude, vision and clarity, inspiring the valuing of others, and character in families and businesses was very beneficial to the group.   I can't thank you enough.”  
Cynthia Lacey, Booz Allen Hamilton