website of Barbara S. Talley, Speaker, Author, Poet, and Publisher.  Offers keynotes and workshops on value-based living.

Barbara S. Talley

The Official Website of Barbara S. Talley, Speaker, Poet, Author, Publisher.  Signature Programs, Superwoman Doesn't Live Here Anymore, On Track, On Fire, and On Purpose, and Strategies for Survival in Non Nurturing Environments.
Official Website of Barbara S. Talley (The Poet Speaks).  Barbara is Speaker, Author, Poet, and Publisher offering keynotes, workshops, and books on vision, values, and virtues, value-based time management, diversity, motivation, administrative professional programs, and leadership.

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Time Management, Diversity, Goal Setting, Empowerment
Value-based Time Management, Goal Setting, Diversity, Vision, Values, Virtues, Personal Empowerment, Women's Issues, Stress Management, Nobility, Balancing Work and Family, Effective Communications, Leadership, Spirituality, Career Development, Special Emphasis Programs, Motivation, Survival Strategies...
On Track, On Fire, and On Purpose book by Barbara S. Talleylogo of speakerNo, Superwoman No, book by Barbara S. Talley
Includes Time Management, Goal Setting, Women's Issues, EmpowermentTalleyUp Excitement of Value-based Living book by Barbara S. Talley- 12 Value-based Habits for Living on Purpose.Superwoman Doesnt Live Here Anymore book by Barbara S. Talley- Learn How to Say No!Barbara S. Talley's new book, "The Great-full Heart Challenge."  It reminds of the importance of Gratitude, Personal Accountability, and the joy of positive living.Barbara S. Talley's book, Soar: Strategies for Survival in Non-Nurturing Environments.  A book on how to take the high road and turn obstacles into triumphs.Text Box: Hi, I’m Barbara S. Talley, a Keynote Speaker, Poet, Author, and Publisher  who speaks on the themes of Vision, Values, and Virtues. My programs  focus on human potential, the value of each day, the preciousness of every human life, and the need to respect our unique human diversity. 

I have presented to many thousands of people and have been working with adult audiences for over 30 years. Many have described me as high-energy, genuine, and spiritual. I offer books, keynotes, and workshops on how to live a more purposeful, balanced, and harmonious life through clarity of ones personal vision, value-system, and virtues. 

I am also the creator of TalleyUP, a value-based time management program, CrossWorlds an interactive Diversity game that teaches appreciation and understanding of different cultural styles of communication, and the "In Search of Radiance Virtues Education Project,” a mentoring program designed to unite us to collectively raise morally responsible youth.

Contact Barbara at  (301) 428-4831

Official Website of Barbara S. Talley (The Poet Speaks) Speaker, Author, Poet, Publisher of Value-based Living Programs, Including  Superwoman Doesn't Live Here Anymore, On Track, On Fire, and On Purpose, and Strategies for Survival in Non Nurturing Enviroments.

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